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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines Health and Wellness Network!! 10greatlines.com!


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No upfront fee to see everything.At Ten Great LInes,free!
Wide-eyed see what you&me! Can do together as one.
No matter the distance of miles.For our mutual financial
happiness.Long-term security futures.Without either of thee.
Walking out thy castle doors with female pride,worldwide.
By Internet financially engaged&online married.Quicky!
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
From the beginning going in the direction.To reign
on top! Of the webcam&phone sex global.
Adult entertainment Industry! Safely! Nakedly!
To collect unlimited/no ceiling amounts of plastic money.
From thy own special ones.Hooked&seduced fo' life.
Respected webcam&phone sex secret admirers.
For benefits of DiVa women lifestyles&lives futures.
Reality not TV/Music video fantasy worlds.
Without any physical sex contact possible.
Legal get paid naked! Goddesses of seduction.
Business women of fantasy wet dreams makers.
Female players of the seduction game,itself!
Roy Fennell-11/02/2017-7:06p.m.

Welcome! Ten great lines health and wellness network page.Of the non brick-n-mortar.Worldwide online business of Ten Great Lines.Internet location of our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Secret meeting place&Internet address home.10greatlines.com.No ticket required on me,free! Unlimited round trip flight flights! Round the clock! Tick-tock,tick-tock,tick-tock,nonstop! Welcome aboard! Your friendly captain.Roy Fennell-04/03/2017-11:04a.m.

Together as one! Round our world! Unstoppable!
Formal Dining for Two
Under the same heavenly roof! Of the stars,skies,moon and sun,above!

With the Master&Slave depth of our money.For us relationship online marriage! Free will perfect balance! Today you be the doctor.I be the male nurse.Tomorrow I be the doctor.You be the naughty nurse.Bottom-line without force! As online married unseen Queens! Of my physical castle.One phone call away from thy free will chosen! Lucky one secret money.Making lover&online husband.Of no small measure.With a real like as being legal naked wives! Within thy own castles.Caring&sharing our baby steps game plan! Real life red book diary benefits! Of being in our kind of secret way! Of answering the our silent Yes,I do! Making call with thy own non face-to-face.Unseen behind each in life man. Impossible! While either of you are at work! If,we be living under thy castle roofs! In the bath tub making the same plans! With another woman with an expensive laptop! With each of you only having smartphones! With each of your laptops on a lay-a-way plan!


Time in Ceres:

No ticket required on me,free! Round trip flights.
Airplane Taking Off
On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Need a cybersex perscription? Type into google search,10greatlines.com!

Ever heard the phrase? Diamonds are a girls? Women's best friend? They bring no minds&hearts pain! Unseen oceans/seas.Rains of tears soaked pillows.From brokens hearts! Dropped/tossed like an egg! On the kitchen floor! Helped them become pregnant! In their lives then bolted like lightening out the door! Diamonds can never betray.Down below secret gardens! 24 hours a day! As many women know to be cash! Value dollars&cents fact! In tough times when shopping around,first! Can get some of that legal jack,back! Roy Fennell-07/13/2017-11:30p.m. Gold,too! A woman/women who live and are alone! In their lives,daily! As legal get paid naked! Goddesses of seduction! Camming&phone sexing hard! Business women of fantasy! Wet dreams makers! Be money in the bank! Theirs first not mine! I do not care! For if be walking behind them! Watching the actions and motions! That imitate the waves of nature's! Oceans and Seas round our world! Lucky,lucky me! I'd walked behind my First&only Ones,forever! 10 miles in 80 degree heat! I know it would be hotter than 80 down below,why? I could pick up the scent! Steaming from between their extremely! Expensive panties they would be pulling down! Taking off for lucky,lucky me! Daddy love! Roy Fennell-07/14/2017-2:00a.m.I would feel sorry.For a woman trying to talk to me! While walking behind them! I'll have my blue-tooth cell! In my hand available for a 911 call! A rose is a beautiful flower many have thorns! Quickly! Depending how you handle them! Can bring blood-n-pain at once! Ever heard of tornado's&hurricanes! With dangerous female names? Out front in the spotlight! They would be leading the way! I could trust for us.On purpose to tease-n-please me! By their just for us! Special kind of jello clap it shake! I would be too busy! Watching them to look up! To see the face of another woman.Who is not helping us! Pay our rent who is not helping us! Put food in the fridge and on our table! Who is not helping us! Pay any utility bills! Who does not have our backs,24/7! Even when we be asleep,why? If they could not trust me? With their sugar sweet honey? How could I expect them to trust me with their money? What time of the day does trust end? On any clock round our world?

Red Rose
                           Opening from AnimateIt.net

Is it a lie? Or the undisputed truth? Thy own just right OMG size? Favorite manhood joystick toy? Gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones? Can be trusted 24/7? Never cause any minds,hearts and spiritual? Physical and verbal abuse pain?  Truly! Domestic violence nightmares? Physical sex betrayal? Nor cause either of thee? To become pregnant,alone? Nor experience any STD? Unless it can be proven,first? Absolutely! Birth controls or any such protection? Prevents/protects a respected woman/women? From any kind of STD? During physical sex without a glove? Legally married or not? Real life not fake! All the above and more! International benefits for women,alone! In their lives with the only set! Of keys to their castles! Who may one day! Fall in love become married! Together as one. Respected wife&mother,too! Not an oops,accident or mistake! Mutual trust with lust control lockdown! Absolute is a must within any exclusive just us! Relationship under the same physical roof or not! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Zero such concerns between us! No matter where each of thee! Be on our Planet Earth! Even when asleep solid as a rock! Peace of mind 365 days a year! Roy Fennell-07/12/2017-12:12p.m.Perfect skin tight safe fit for us! Of thy past relationships,combined? How many arguments began over money? Some cases became physical? Bottom-line when my online married! Legal money making secret Wives&Queens! Who live alone in their castles! Having the only set of keys! Making all the house rules zero relationship drama! Potential conflict/problems under their roofs! Drama can become verbal leading to violence/abuse! Being under the same roof,daily! No escape with fear at work! Fear driving home after work! Where she helps pay rent-n-utilities,too! Of the unknown behind closed/locked doors,daily! Zero peace of mind even asleep! Not a fantasy,illusion or mirage! I do care if either of thee! Lives! Starves! Dies! What is the point of being in a relationship? If the other person does not?

sparks of passion mariegif photo:  Kiss-1.gif

By Internet faster than a business jet! See how I came to 3 circles cybersex! Fill your wide-open sexual lust like me.With loads of financial seeds of website knowlege.Within thy castle bedrooms.Anybody physically see me? Knocking on thy castle doors? Anyone see us entering/exiting a local? Expensive or not motel/hotel? Unexpectedly! Being discovered by an ex-girlfriend? Who stole your ex-man? When discovered them in you shared bath-tub? Not blowing bubbles or floating a toy boat? Heard her screaming at your water? Bill expense when the truth? Came out creaming been going on 3? Times a week like a habit? While at work you had been thinking about him? For the perfect birthday gift? Dropped thy heart on the bathroom floor? Like a wet bar of soap? Absolutely&truly! Found it difficult to open&love,again,wide-open? Without fear of being minds&hearts? Hurt feeling the past pain? Over-n-over like a revolving door? 

Time for each of thee.To secret gardens mate! Our red book diary special way! So thy minds&hearts! Have no fear of being wide-open! For love to come in,again! To be blooming like a rose! After nature's rain showers.No longer thirsty for water! The daddy of our baby steps game plan! Roy Fennell-07/12/2017-2:40p.m.For what greater/priceless love? Can there ever be between a woman? Man than the creation of the life? Of a precious baby as parents? Being of 3 a family?

If a woman be a beautiful flower! Unseen minds&hearts! True love itself is her water! Without it slowly she will die! Above ground while still alive not buried! Beneath the ground! Time for women alone! In their lives round our world! To live enjoying the experience,daily! The elusive Butterfly of Love! For themselves&happy hearts happiness,first! Pain free blooming every day! Their hearts beat 365 days a year! International moms Internet brides&wives.Online married to the daddy! Of our baby steps game plan as parents.Family of 3! Being our own mutual! Internet karma/fate destiny! To secret gardens mate.Unlike any of thy past relationships,combined! Not our faults prince charming! Ms./Mr.Right missed their airport flights! Nakedly! While each of thee! Too busy doing me all night! Shamelessly! With lustful secret desire fire. Naturally! While I held it with both of big hands! From respected Ceres,california.I had come in time! Faster than a fighter jet could fly! Not to play wit' it! Like a cat with a toy! I'm thinking they should have taken a business.Jet flight not go back home.Until another morning,noon or night! In the unknown future.Had they been standing at thy castle doors! When I backed my naked back! Against a wall to pull it! Out they may have heard a loud Pop! Like a ka-ka boom-boom cannon blast! Of thy last powerful orgasm.Thick-n-creamy splatter Like pancake batter of us! Hit the wall near me! The daddy of our baby steps game plan! Roy Fennell-07/12/2017-3:39p.m.

Blooming Red Flower from AnimateIt.net

Suppose a woman meets a man! Fall in love were in a hurry! Legally! To get married did not have much money! Got married in front of a respected honorable judge! At the respected local Courthouse! Her respected man is my kind! Of person a family man.Would fight Godzilla,alone! To protect his wife&family! Would bring that big lizard! Down on the ground for Bar-b-que! They both believed their love.Would last for ever me,too! While expecting their first precious baby! They go together for a check-up! Out comes the respected doctor.With some sad bad news.The respected doctor tells them.Their may be a problem.During childbirth due to potential STD problem infection. The respected orders blood work tests! For both of them.When the results come back! The respected doctor requests! They come in a hurry&safely! According to the facts! The respected doctor tells her.Respected husband not to worry.Got a clean bill of health! The respected doctor informs her! She is the carrier of the virus! They leave and arrive at their castle! Does he have valid reasons to doubt? She has been loyal and faithful? She cries all night! Swears she never cheated on him! She was telling the truth all night! She re-calls a past relationship! That lasted 1 year! When she discovered him! To be a liar&cheater,too! Found out he was no glove! Doing other women on the pill! Saving money on condoms! Coming home to her arms! Deeply! Was coming in her,too! With those magical words "I love you,baby"! Unknown to us if their respected marriage! Will ever last another few years! On his mind and in his heart,24/7! He is thinking about her sleeping with another man! Even a one night stand! When she walked out the door! Over a disagreement between them! Did not return home until 8 hours later! Where was she all that time? She went to talk with her trusted girlfriend? Would he believe the girlfriend? Would not lie to cover for her? Roy Fennell-07/12/2017-11:42a.m.

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                           Ladies from AnimateIt.net

Questions? What does the virus HIV do? To the human body? Can any/all birth? Control pills and devices? Protect a woman/women? When no glove is used? Legally! Married or not.Under the same physical roof or not? Any proof of documentation? Proven by facts,test and research? Within respected medical journals? Even the rubber stamp approval? Of the respected AMA based on learned science&knowledge? Roy Fennell-07/14/2017-1-03a.m.In principle money purchases food! To give us life! Being in a relationship.In principle is trusting the other person! With your life not an oops! Accident or mistake many modern day women! Are seeking a special kind of safe relationship,24/7! With no glove do the naked? Powerful words"I love you" protect a woman/women? Absolutely! From the deadly HIV virus? Anywhere round our world? Pregnant or not?

health banner photo: Health Health10.jpg

                           and Beating Heart from AnimateIt.net


Woman Getting
                           Ultrasound from AnimateIt.net

                           Nurse from AnimateIt.net

Are you a woman? Seeking ways to lower your health care costs? Save money on prescriptions,for yourself and family? Love to make money&online shop? Got webcam girl fever? Does the financial health of your bank account balance? Make you sick or cause stress illness? To your financial peace of mind&future? Internet searching for a doctor of love&show you the money,daddy? Looking for a prescription to cure your financial headaches? Hungry like a female wolf? To online get connected within a money for us,relationship? With your own do you Money Right man& become an Internet money making wife,worldwide?If,you are a single,lonely,bored or divorced woman?Sick from heartache&pain misery of waiting for Mr.Right?  Roy Fennell-07/30/2015-6:15p.m. Love is the powerful drug of choice! Globally,for love-starved women! Like CPR,to their hungry for love minds,hearts,heavenly bodies&sexual souls! Bringing them back to life! As women making them feel desired&alive,again! No longer thinking&feeling although physically alive! They are already in their graves above ground,unburied or cremated! Learn&discover how a woman who is a sex addict freak! Safely,as a Ten Great Lines webcam girl! Can use take advantage of her sexual addiction! By camming herself behind the steering wheel of a new car! Legally,without guilt or secret shame when Queen of her Castle!Tengreatlines.com

Once thy webcam&phone sex schedules.
Becomes online live gives birth reality.
To luxury&gangnam opportunity lifestyle.
Of DiVa women futures not a minds&hearts lie!
Once thy camming&phone sexing plastic money
amounts.Becomes equal/greater to thy everyday
jobs.Paychecks proven reality proof not fantasy.
Enjoyment of the sweet taste for each of thee.
Banging bodies or not.DiVa women experience.
Bank book seduction power sexual magic.
Female live wire heartbeating attraction magnets.
Safe&naked without any physical sex contact.
Legal get paid naked for us.Goddesses of seduction.
Business women of fantasy.Already online married.
To thy own secret money making lover&online husband.
Without walking out thy castle doors round our world.
Queen served all night long no glove daddy love.
Roy Fennell-11/02/2017-11:54a.m.Everyday private lives
benefits.Within our money for us relationship online
marriage.Thy last names never changes at all not a lie!
Not an illusion,mirage or fantasy.Right before thy eyes.
Legally! If,already married living within thy castles,daily!
Naked! Each of thee can see! What would be thy last names.
On our respected marriage license.Legal naked wives,daily!
If,nature able in the 1st year! Would be showing approx.9 months!
Nature born bun in the oven.Female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.
Expensive panties only worn outside of our castles,daily!
1 hour before the end of thy everyday jobs workshifts!
Our secret gardens reasons to slip away.Pull down/take off for us!(*_+)

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Formal Dining for Two

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Ten Great Lines Healthy-Living Page!
A Ten Great Lines Airlines! Coffee,tea,or naughty webcam girl, me?

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Enhancing your life! Better health! Affordable Prices!

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Chinese proverb : Good to begin well,better to end well.

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Construction worker

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Welcome aboard! Ten Great Lines Airlines! Taking-
Airplane Taking Off
off,now,towards financial independence freedom! Get your free ticket! Tengreatlines.com


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Whale Tail
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How you feel,about yourself,as a woman,is important,to me,you should feel,beautiful and sexy,everyday,in every way!***Roy Fennell***05/23/2012***9:03a.m.

To send,your email message,please,click-here!

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By Internet! Financially engaged&online married!
Portrait of bride and groom
Our red book way! Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

Chinese proverb:Be magnanimous,be trustful,be hopeful and be patient.

Chinese proverb:Believe in yourself and others will too.

On fire with desire of perfect girlfriend fever? Hungry like a female wolf in heat? Seeking sugar daddy&sugar baby face-to-face meetings of excitations? Page 2 Ten Great Lines online Adult dating and Romance Worldwide Network! Love to free profile yourself? For no limit expensive dinner date opportunities? Including a unique U.S.A. Nationwide adult dating website opportunity? 10greatlines.com Roy Fennell-01/17/2016-5:05p.m.

Ten Great Lines! A Ten Great Lines Adventure! A Ten Great Lines Airlines! Free round trip ticket! Taking-off,now,towards adventure,excitement,money and travel! Ten Great Lines online shopping&vendors network!  Pages 1-20 Ten Great Lines online shopping adventure travel! Page 21 Ten Great LInes online Adult gaming&Entertainment network! Are you a woman seeking a sexy job or adult entertainment work? Love sexy hi-heel shoes? Ten Great Lines sexy adult jobs and webcam models,worldwide! Part-time&full-time webcamming&phone sexing opportunities of employment! Opportunity of an online shopping&adult pleasure paradise! Benefits of A Luxury&Gangnam Lifestyle Future! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power! Ten Great Lines Webcam Models Network!  10greatlines.com {*_*}-Roy Fennell-01/17/2016-4:27p.m.

A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,Ten Great Lines!
Global e-mail communication
A Ten Great Lines Airlines! 10greatlines.com

Hungry like a female wolf in sexual heat? On fire with desire to live and experience? A do as you please safe sexual freedom life,daily? Love to become an online married? Get paid naked webcam/phone sex Internet team player wife? While wearing your favorite expensive hi-heels shoes? Without walking out your Castle door? Safely,love to wide-eyed see with your own eyes? Upfront,all the money and benefits free,first? Of what having your own online husband? 24/7 unseen behind you without lies,games or strings? Within our money for us relationship non physical online marriage? Can do for your life,future and bank account,too? Part-time/full-time to enjoy&live,daily? Without walking out your Castle door? Safely,free willing to pull them down? Quickly,get connected to become an online married team player naked wife,daily? Taking them off camming/phone sexing heavenly assets for us,asap? Truly,if your answer is yes! Come quicky,to our Internet home! 10greatlines.com Roy Fennell-05/02/2016-11:51a.m.

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