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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines Adult Pleasure Avenue Road! 10greatlines.com!


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Safe-n-naked within their own castle bedrooms. Round
our world without saying a single word. My own waiting
for lucky me. Secretly! Amazing female sexual genies.
Obeyed the ancient mating call of nature. Lustfully!
Pulled down then took off for us. Their dripping
expensive panties! When I picked up the juicy scent!
Away I went to secret gardens mate with them. Faster
than a fighter jet! Can fly high in the sky! So we
together as one. No matter the distance of miles.
Became the howling and growling like werewolves!
In never ending sexual heat to meet-n-mate! Loud and
proud became the lucky parents. Of our own mutual
desired in their beds. Baby steps game plan creation.
Daddy&Mother delivery between us with lust, forever!
Roy Fennell-06/20/2018-5:10p.m.
Slowly, with rhythm at, first! Shamelessly! When we
began coming together as one, nonstop! Helplessly! Knew
we were unable to runaway! Escape our own Internet karma
fate. Destiny like nature magic to secret gardens mate.
Unstoppable! Our red book diary secret way. Untamable!

No upfront fee to see everything.At Ten Great LInes,free!
Wide-eyed see what you&me! Can do together as one.
No matter the distance of miles.For our mutual financial
happiness.Long-term security futures.Without either of thee.
Walking out thy castle doors with female pride,worldwide.
By Internet financially engaged&online married.Quicky!
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
From the beginning going in the direction.To reign
on top! Of the webcam&phone sex global.
Adult entertainment Industry! Safely! Nakedly!
To collect unlimited/no ceiling amounts of plastic money.
From thy own special ones.Hooked&seduced fo' life.
Respected webcam&phone sex secret admirers.
For benefits of DiVa women lifestyles&lives futures.
Reality not TV/Music video fantasy worlds.
Without any physical sex contact possible.
Legal get paid naked! Goddesses of seduction.
Business women of fantasy wet dreams makers.
Female players of the seduction game,itself!
Roy Fennell-11/02/2017-7:06p.m.

Welcome! To ten great lines. Adult pleasure avenue road page.Of the non brick-n-mortar.Worldwide online business of Ten Great Lines.Internet location of our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Secret meeting place&Internet home page address,Tengreatlines.com.No ticket required provided free! Unlimited round trip flights! Morning,noon or bored horny nights! Kings&Queens first-class self-serve treatment,24/7! Round the clock nonstop! Loads of pop,pop&pop safe adult pleasure! Like magic without walking out thy castle doors! Reality not fantasy illusion or mirage! Within the security,privacy and safety! Of your own respected homes,apartments and college dorms! Why spend priceless time&gas money? Driving around cities&towns? For your special one? When on the home page? Roads,sexy&dating pages? Local,Nationwide&Worldwide adult online dating opportunities? Someone special may be waiting for you? Party time all the time! LIke a party train in the sky! On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Surprise yourselves by exploring the unseen! Oceans&seas between the pages? At will of Ten Great LInes,why? To experience the excitement by chance! Exactly,what you did not find somewhere else! Online or not! No upfront fee to see everything free! Always a first-class winner! Welcome aboard! Your friendly captain! Roy Fennell-03/18/4:13a.m. Ever heard the songs Party Train?Outstanding? Early in the morning? By The Gap Band? All aboard riding&flying for free! On the party train in the sky! Soaring high towards money! Excitement,travel and adventure! Real equal opportunity worldwide! Which includes respected Governments! Seeking to increase their bottom-lines,too! Indirectly,to enjoy tax benefits! Within their respected Countries! Like magic from International! Ten Great LInes Webcam models network! Naughty girls&secret wives! Online married to the boss of Ten Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines
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Within our money for us relationship online marriage,first! International unattached nature born secret online married! To the boss of Ten Great Lines. Naughty girls&secret wives! Never tell what we 3 circles cybersex naked! Love to due like wild animals,nonstop.Within our saving money.Making money secret greet&meeting place and Internet home! 24/7 365 days a year! Shamelessly  and all natural! Electrified live wire sexual heat! From lava hot bun in the oven! Secret desire fire within our minds&hearts! Unseen love affair,daily! Real life being their secret garden.Bed soaked sheets wet dreams! In the middle of the night. Even no telling it! Unexpected/sudden powerful body jerks at work,too! Roy Fennell-01/16/2017/4:56p.m.

Real life not fake.Laptops/desktops with webcams available!
Yes,I do ready! Not committed within any type of relationship.
International women can become financially engaged&online married!
Our red book diary secret way.Having for themselves their own
secret.Money making lover&online husband in their lives.
To become legal get paid.Money making naked secret Wives&Queens.
International manhood teasers&secret garden pleasers.
Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy wet dreams makers!
Female bosses of their own webcam&phone sex businesses.
Can wide-eyed see,now! On the secret wives page.
How&why $4000,00,$10,000.00 even $20,000.00.Like a monthly habit!
Is possible not impossible.Benefits of 2 sexy jobs at once.
From webcam&phone sex employment.Benefits of professional
training free! Provided by the respected webcam&phone sex.
Employers without walking out the doors.Of the safety,security
and privacy.Of thy own homes,apartments or college dorms,worldwide.
Free red carpet treatment customer service at their expense!
Not yours,ours or mine! No upfront fee,free! The professional
training from their expertise.Become an investment in each of thee.
Of the degree vote of confidence opportunity like family.
A helping hand chance for mutual financial success!
Roy Fennell-10/04/2017-10:50a.m.Opportunity of a long-term
for years.Benefits relationship without pink slip fears,daily!
Based on thy own individual seduction magic power!


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Time in Ceres:

Online married,first! Our red book diary secret way!
Nature born female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.
Legal get paid naked secret Wives&Queens.
Camming&phone sexing hard to create.
Their own money making occupation&career.
Collecting loads of credit card plastic money.
From their respected webcam&phone sex.
Hooked&seduced fo' life.Can live enjoying
the experience.Of no can touch it!
No can kiss it! No! No! No! Never can lick it!
DiVa women lives&lifestyle futures.
Goddesses of seduction.Business women
of fantasy.Without spending a penny.
From their respected everyday paychecks.
Without walking out their castle doors!
Without any physical sex contact.
Wet loads of online gambling excitement!
While still alive above the ground benefits.
Online shopping naked! Sexual freedom paradise!
Roy Fennell-11/06/2017-4:33p.m. 

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Are you a woman? Love online gaming and adult  pleasure entertainment excitement? Ten Great Lines Online Adult gaming&Entertainment Network! Love to online adult date&shop? Ten Great Lines Online Adult dating&Romance Worldwide Network! Make money to spend for online shopping nonstop? Until you drop like a rock? Love to wide-eye see a $1,000,000.00 legal financial plan? Book a round trip flight on Ten Great Lines Airlines! Right away,today! Tengreatlines.com Roy Fennell-10/04/2015-8:32a.m.

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Welcome, to Ten Great Lines Airlines' adult pleasure avenue road! On this highway,in the sky,oh,me,oh,my,safely,we get high,on giving and recieving adult entertainment,and lots of loving,each other,fun! Have you seen my alien friend? He is a king on his home planet! If you see him,please,tell my friend,his queen,has wants,needs,and desires,too! Question,have you,got expensive tires on your car,why? On this road,the only thing burning,is lust,and hot desire,not rubber! Say,who is flying this 747 Jumbo? Have big fun! 

Online gaming&adult entertainment,nonstop!
New York City Taxis
Make money and online shop til'you drop! Tengreatlines.com

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Hello,my global family! Great news for you! Specialized and more online adult pleasure& fun can be found on the( sexy) page of Ten Great Lines! 2 more Sugar daddy sites can be discovered on the (dating) page! One is worldwide and the other is not! Worldwide dating and safe adult pleasure&fun! Roy (*_*)Fennell-11/29/2014-9:55a.m.

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Without jealousy from their secret money? Making lover&online husband! Some of my virgin cherry popped twice! Naughty girls&secret wives for life! May hit the jackpot! On either of our Local,Nationwide&Worldwide! Located on the home,dating,road and sexy pages. Ten Great Lines online dating websites! With opportunity to free profile themselves! Shamelessly! Get lucky and find their own for keeps! Special pounder who got the sex machine like power! To rock their boat! Until they float from beds to floor! Physical orgasms with powerful eruptions! Making their secret garden pleasure muffins! Shiver&quiver let go explode from depth of sexual souls! Roy Fennell-09/08/2017-9:26p.m. Without spending time&gas money! Driving around town looking for someone special! Within the safety,security and privacy.Of their own homes,apartments and college dorms.They can target/find someone special! For a face-to-face dinner date.In a public place outside their castle doors.Without the lucky ones.Having a clue where they live,work or grocery shop.
Free will opportunity to avoid/escape.Long-term time wasting clinging vine! Stray cat,control and tick relationships.Even potential stalker from someone.You no longer desire to date.
Who does know where you live,work,club,etc.! Ever watched any episodes of the TV? Westerns by names of Rawhide&Bonanza? Cowboys on horseback chase down! Rope steers to brand them.With a branding iron,why? To identify their steers! As property proof of ownership! The person you no longer.Desire to date may desire to rope you.Into a relationship by chasing you!

SugarDaddyMeet.com - the best Sugar Daddy personals and Sugar Baby Female dating site!
SugarDaddyMeet.com - the best Sugar Daddy personals and Sugar Baby Female dating site!

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Shhh,are you a kinky pleasure woman? Desire make your face blush? So you can down below explode then flow,quickly? Want some  BDSM,girl-to-girl and voyeur fever adult fun? Secretly,need whole body,woman in heat glow for you to feel you are alive,daily? Click the( sexy) page of our website,why? Your glowing&flowing happiness is extremely important to humble me! Nobody outside of your castle needs to know of your sinful&wicked adult pleasures! (*_*)Roy Fennell-11/30/2014-9:31p.m. Some secrets should always stay secret! Even with adult fun pleasure! Great opportunity to safely explore the depth of your own sexuality without flesh-to-flesh contact! Scream as you cream with privacy!{*_*}


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Can a man avoid a pleasure date with a woman who sexually in bed is like a block of ice?1.Looks can be decieving with women and men
2.The browsing game is about seeking facts
3.Voice- does the sound of her voice please you? On the phone in your ear,first then in your bed?
4.Feelings- does her lips above,below,and behind actually invite your manhood to rise like an ear of corn,without you touching Big Boy?
5.Compatibility-likes,dislikes and mutual beliefs 


In my opinion,a woman who meets all of the above qualifications could be the perfect long-term perfect pleasure mate for you in a No Tell relationship! Bottom-line,browsing is like fishing,if you do not cast the line you may catch nothing,except a woman who is sexually like a cold fish in bed,for you! Think about it! Roy Fennell*&06/21/2014*4:15p.m.

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Are you a man? As a nice safe guy,have you noticed yourself being in womens' friend zone only? Wish there was a 1,2 and 3 solution out of the friend zone with women to having the woman of your dreams? Want to discover a secret way to have women blowing up your phone,so you can score a touchdown,in the end zone of adult pleasure? Desire the knowledge to become a female magnet man,even if you are broke? Take a look! Click-here!***09/13/2014+++8:58p.m.!(*_*)09/13/2014*9:07p.m.

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Facts,of life,friendships,marriages,and relationships can end! All your personal secrets could become like a weapon!Hurt you on the job or a social network!Even within a new relationship! 1 hour of your time!Find create and build a relationship with your own never tell on you secret friend!A for your secret adult pleasures! Chat phone sex talk for life! Is less expensive than a friend! Who is no longer your trusted,friend! You may get adult pleasure lucky! Find someone who is more wild! About the 69 sex position than you! Someone local for after work delights! Free willing to be loyal,true and faithful to you! Not an oops,accident or mistake! You can discover get paid surveys! Absolutely&truly on the surface and beneath the unseen seas! Oceans of web pages of Ten Great Lines! &&&(*>  Roy <{*   03/26/2016    $&^^^7:56p.m. 

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Are you a woman? 50-55 years of age? Victor in divorce court? 3 homes,property and $5000.00 per month in alimony? On a ship cruise met a sharp dressed man approx.35 yrs old,with 11 inches of manhood? In bed got you weeping tears of joy in G-spot pleasure heaven? When he says he must go,don't you know,you beg him to please stay? When you met on the ship cruise,sure it wasn't part of his plan to keep you creamin' and screamin' until he cleans out your $350,000.00 bank account? Need to check him out before you are sexually,to weak to say,no? Click-here!!!06/23/2014***6:53p.m. Some men and women are experts at sex not just for pleasure but that cash,know more about you,than you do!

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Are you a woman?Are you a man? At least,between 18-21 yrs old?Get pleasure urges for adult entertainment away from home?On a date wish you had a way to get her in the mood after lunch or dinner?Have a mobile phone?Love to see how our friends in Europe have adult fun?Wish you could be watching full length adult videos and download thousands of hot,juicy,european adult videos on your mobile phone,today?Yes?Click-here!(*_*)*&*5:11p.m.*&*07/14/2014 Hello Europe!Been away! Long story! I'm back,thanks for sticking with me! Do I love all of you? I do! (*_*)Roy Fennell*&^%~~~~~{*_*}


Are you a man? At least between the ages of 18-21? Yes&No? Yes! No problem!Are you a sharp dressed man of a corporate legal firm? A wife and 2 children! Yet every time the sharp dressed hot black female secretary of a partner enters the room,Big Boy begins to rise? When she walks away,long legs,hips sway,like poetry in motion! Be honest,if you could,first being naked leap like a kangaroo over your desk? Your manhood,erect like a huge ear of corn to knock on her wide-open for you,backdoor,repeatedly? Shhh..Yes&No? Shh..Yes,all day! Great News! A just for you secret ebony honey could be horny for you,too! Extremely less expensive than an office affair and divorce! If you agree with me! Click-here!(*_+)06/29/2014///11:16p.m. Respectfully,I respect your situation,why? I once read in an ancient book of knowledge,something like let them of no sin cast the first stone! I recall no stone was thrown! Roy Fennell-$$$-WEBMASTERS ALERT-$$$

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Youngblood! Come closer! Let's have a man-to-man talk! You hate your father and or stepfather! I got it! Solution,be a better man than him,how? Be the opposite type of man! Do not follow in his footsteps! As a man,from within,have you got it in you,to be as tough as a Zulu warrior,in being a better man,than him?Roy Fennell+++07/10/2014===3:35p.m.

Youngblood! Come closer! Let's talk man-to-man! Free advice!
Thinking about having your,first,go down on a woman experience?
1. If it offends the nose,big boy never goes,condom or not!
2.Mom said if you want to get to know a woman,get a look in her bedroom! What you see is exactly what you can expect as a homemaker,wife and mother of your child(s)! If you allow big boy to decide what is best for you,do not complain about the end results! When you go to work,do not get angry at her,if your child(s) is wearing the same diaper,when you return from work! Why? What you see does not make her a bad woman! What you see does not make her a bad mom! Why? Her childhood was different from your respected Mother! Her childhood was different from my respected Mother! *Roy Fennell*07/10/2014*3:50p.m.

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Daily,enter her heavenly pleasure muffin with full intent&desire! To become the Master of each and all her body flopping like a fish out of water powerful Orgasms! Sooner or later,from exhaustion her legs will go limp,let her rest! As a man you can take pride in watching her barely,able to walk! Mini orgasms will cause her body to tremble,even shake! Many women would be wide-open&ever ready willing to recieve such benefits!  Of after work go down on her like a  hungry werewolf,tongue for stress relief excitement! What would she be gladly&willing to do to say OMG thanks to you? Roy Fennell-06/04/2015-2:05p.m. Also,if and when a man smacks a woman,it reveals 2 things! 1. He has no control of himself and his temper! 2. Under certain circumstances at the wrong time or place! His actions&attitude could leave you both face down or face up,in the streets! Right or wrong,in certain areas of Cleveland,Ohio,you can lose your life,in a flash,just by bumping into a car! A man without respect for other men and their rides,who cannot control his temper! Would not live long in that part of town! A wise man respects anyone who could end his life,including his or a woman!

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Hey girl of secret treasure,honey!The way you're looking at me,of no small measure!I'm feeling and thinking,we could be cooking under your sheets!Big boy loves the way you move&groove!Ain't no color of pills would ever be required,between us!Love to experience a 69 feast? After I do you,first? Like your own private for your pleasure werewolf beast? Since always you come,first,profusely,not me? Got all day&night music for us!Regardless,of your native tongue!Behind closed doors the only language we need is love,lust and mutual trust!I'll be your make you cream&scream daddy,so loud the heavenly angels may ask for sound mercy! Love to pillow talk about an Internet financial engagement?Deeply within a money for us,relationship? And what your heavenly booty shorts magic can do for you,towards unlimited income,without anyone,touching your body? Love to hear how you could be doing it,in the sky,in business jets? With your own sweet Sugar daddy or Sugar momma' without jealousy between us? And OMG your bank accounts,slowly,towards King Kong size? Hungry like the wolf,as a woman to recieve attention and desire even in secret,at work? Part-time or full-time employment? Got webcam girl fever and would love to benefit from $10,000.00 bi-weekly or monthly? Love a from my heart money ring&Internet wives,new beginnings&man to stay deep,not run in life? Within a skintight relationship? By free will love,treat you like a legal wife? Even when we are apart,my sinfully hot lust&desire burns for you nonstop? Love to feel like the Queen of my physical Castle,even 10,000 miles or more,away? Love to spoonplan&pillowtalk? How,as one we can reach a Gangnam Lifestyle,together,not at your expense? Ain't too late to run away if you cannot take the heat! Willing&love to adult pleasure play with me? Click-here!(+_*)1:01a.m.(*_+)06/09/2015


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Chinese proverb :Every important call is a close one.

Chinese proverb : Feeding a cow with roses does not get extra appreciation. 

Policemans equipment

Hello,sexy sultry woman! Come closer! Due to your sudden death occupation,look into my brown eyes to see and feel the truth! Glad you are home safe! Your secret exhibitionist desires are our secret for life! Therefore,to make you happy,I'll watch you undress for me,slowly! Mmm,love your beautiful melons! Like when you do that!Your nipples are so erect! What was that? A moan or groan from that toy pleasure,bone?I'm jealous! Forgive my drool cause your dripping pleasure muffin looks sooo delicious to me! Are you an off-duty sun,fun and always got her gun,somewhere beach bunny sometimes? Yes? Okay,I was thinking home alone or on the beach your heavenly body in nothing but swimwear which reflects perfectly sultry you! What? Yes,I love you,too! Click-here!(*_*)(*_*)()06/23/2014()()()()1:20a.m. Sweet dreams! A non-reflect mirror on the sight of your riot,could see around the corner may save your life! Said I loved you,didn't I?


Hello! May I tell you a secret? Can we keep it just between us adults? Shortly,I will on my way to the cockpit! If this 747 Jumbo jet begins to shake as though we hit a turbulent air pocket,do not be alarmed! Shhhh, a mom and daughter are waiting for me,their captain of pleasure! Both have blue eyes and love to play tennis! My pleasure friends of delicious delights,promised to bring much joy to my stick! Wonder what they mean? Got any ideas? Shhh! Do I love them? I do! 

Policemans equipment

Hello! Pssst,you know me I do not like to gossip! Shhh,the woman with legs for days is A Ten Great Lines Airlines flight attendant! Gets drippingly hot when she wears a nurse uniform! Shhh, another Ten Great Lines Airlines flight attendant loves phone sex so much I contracted to have her own chat room in one of the lower galleys! Told me phone sex makes her cream of joy thick as honey! Shhh,sweet too! Do I love them? I do! (*_*%#*_*)(*&^///''~06/21/2014????4:35p.m.Your friendly Captain,Roy

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Airplane Taking Off
Excitation,of online shopping,making money,adult entertainment and gaming excitement! Nonstop!

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