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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines About Us, Page! 10greatlines.com!


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A Ten Great Lines Airlines! Ten Great Lines!
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Taking-off,now,towards adventure,excitement,money,and travel! Tengreatlines.com!

About us page- A Ten Great Lines Cybersite-Ten Great Lines

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Many customers like to know about us and the peoples behind the exciting products,save money/make money affiliate programs or merchandise of their virtual online shopping experiences,worldwide! Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company,Ten Great Lines!

Our Business Philosophy-Knowledge is power;without information there can be no written knowledge! Invest in your financial future!  Nothing ventured,no potential profits to gain!Take advantage of the information and affiliate programs of Ten Great Lines! Then you can actually, experience,the financial success  of what Ten Great Lines, can do for you,family,and friends,too! ***Roy Fennell***5:54p.m.***10/01/2015 Also,as an affiliate(s) can help a person believe&feel a degreed sense of ownership! Within the principles of being a stockholder of Ten Great Lines! How many brick-n-mortar businesses offer such an opportunity,without any upfront fee? Without charge giving each and every potential customer? More than he,she or they ever expected for a long term financial relationship? Instead of  just a receipt at the door? Bottom-line,even in a difficult business climate finding ways to cement lifetime customer relationships! Has greater financial value than short term profits of higher prices for less,why? Customers will either do without or take their money to a cheaper source,like a competitor! Causing their respected shareholders to be singing in the rain! From the excitement of the good news at the annual of increased sales! Without pity,take advantage of what theTen Great Lines Financial Advantage Networks! Can do for you&bank book,too! Financially,swell,tidal wave,King Kong super size! Your bank savings/checking accounts' financial spending power! Introducing:Ten Great Lines Financial Employment Network! Ten Great Lines Webcam Models Network! Ten Great Lines Online Shopping&Vendors Network! Ten Great Lines Health&Wellness Network! Ten Great Lines Airlines Travel&Vacation Network! Ten Great Lines Airlines Merchants&Partners Network! Ten Great Lines Online Adult dating&Romance Worldwide Network! Ten Great Lines Adult gaming&Entertainment Network! Ten Great Lines Business Opportunities Network! Also,opportunity to increase your net worth&bank credit score! Without walking out your Castle door! Use the navigational bar above any webpage of Ten Great Lines! To navigate or move to another webpage or network! Without my website being text based there would be no written knowledge! If,a man cannot or free will does not practice? What he preaches,to respected,family,friends and the world? Within the reflections of his own mirror? How could it be possible? For him to be other than a shadow? Of the man he truly could be,for the whole world to see&rejoice?

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As the founder and sole owner! Of the business Ten Great Lines. Based and hosted within the U.S.A. For your privacy and safety ,worldwide. Ten Great Lines does not redirect! Collect ,store ,sell ,rent ,trade or barter. Any personal information data. At no upfront ,fee! Increase of website protection coming soon. Roy Fennell-01/19/2020-4:14p.m.

 Ten Great Lines seeks to become your one-stop trusted source of  information for adventure,excitement,money,and travel! Absolutely&under zero circumstancesTen Great Lines does not practice,promote,or encourage! The bait-n-lure technique of advertising with intent! To capture your email/information to sell/ re-sell to various types of informational sources/marketers!
Ten Great Lines is a U.S.A. only! Hosted and based online business. Roy Fennell-01/19/2020-4:50p.m.

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Respectfully,at Ten Great Lines,we offer worldwide consumers a unique opportunity experience. Not offered from traditional brick-n-mortar respected businesses! Adult and non-adult affiliate programs! Get paid,to tell other human beings like you&me! We live in a world of different beliefs,values and lifestyles! Every affiliate opportunity is open to all! Regardless,of respected race,beautiful complextions of skin or gender! Take a vial of blood from a each person of every respected nationality of our world! Unlabeled,stood them side-by-side who could exactly determine,who-is-who,of each vial? Roy Fennell&^^01/09/2016(*_*)^#@-12:49a.m.

A clear or true definition of all about us! Ten Great Lines is worldwide concept with reality and fantasy! Real part-time and full-time employment! Real gaming and adult entertainment! Real virtual world excitement and fantasy enjoyment! Beyond supersonic speed career and jobs search engines! Network of global and wildlife live webcams can be found on (contact)page! A worldwide global online shopping experience! The reality for you,is to have it all! At your computer keyboard or smartphone without walking out your door! Searching for a save money/make money online source to call your Internet home?Great news! You can find it at Tengreatlines.com! Welcome home!(*_*)Roy Fennell+11:05a.m.-04/14/2016 Love to buy or give as a gift property on the moon? Click(policies) page! Real out-of-this world online shopping experience! Question,regardless,of your respected workshift! Truly,would you feel special like a Queen&KIng within your respected Castle? Once you showered or hot bubble bath soaked? Lived in the respected U.S.A. and you micro-waved a heat-n-eat? Professional chef prepared fresh&healthy dinner? Which was being delivered to your home address,like clock work,weekly? Could you benefit from multiple opportunities? Of the Ten Great Lines Financial Advantage Network? To earn the money to pay for the purchases of such weekly deliveries? Without spending a single penny,from your net paycheck? 

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Our Employees!!! Did you know the CFO of Tengreatlines.com was employed by a Major Airline Company for over 25yrs? Did you know the Pres. of Tengreatlines.com was confidentially nominated for inclusion in Who's Who in U.S. Executives in 1989? Did you know the CEO of Tengreatlines.com was included by nomination in Who's Who Worldwide in 1993? Also,Our CEO was nominated and recommended for Membership with the American Statistical Association,in 1993!!! Did you know the CIO of Tengreatlines.com was selected as a potentially qualified candidate of International Who's Who in 1997?

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A Ten Great Lines Airlines! Tengreatlines.com!
Airplane Taking Off
Taking-off,now,towards adventure,excitement,and travel!


I have read,within a present,yet,ancient book of knowledge,there are those,who,have eyes but can not see,I say,there are many,who have eyes,and see,clearly! To be enlightened,to the sparkles of knowledge,please,click-here!!!***10:12p.m.***06/10/2014(***)


When a man thinks of the world,he lives in first! Not the reflections he sees within his mirror,first! Everyone within the world he lives benefits! Even himself,even if benefits are unseen in many places! By the power of free will choices! Reaping what is sown always returns,like a boomarang,sooner or later,why? For every action,there is a true re-action,positive or negative! You cannot toss a single pebble in a pond,not expecting a ripple,while standing safely! On a near or distant shore! Roy Fennell-09/19/2015-7:23a.m. Before mirrors were of knowledge created mirrors! There was always opportunity to see oneself! Within the reflections of water from ponds,streams,lakes and rivers! How is it possible time keeps ticking away? Without a battery or batteries? Is it a science or unknown mystery Novel&unknown author who wrote the book of knowledge? Sub-title,heavenly stars,skies,moon and sun? Could it be the work of an unknown Master Electrician Craftsman?


Come closer,so I may tell you a story,of a man,with friends,human beings,first,like me,think,it was 1978, on an AC,unknown taking a break,what caught,my eyes,of brown,within a Journal,these men,of unselfish,first,degree,I not recalling,the city,nor town,had a vison,to create,a business,which allowed,all peoples,worldwide,to enrich,the lives,of their families,to enable,them,financially,purchase,most anything,he,she,and or they,want,need,or desired,inside or outside theirs homes! I wished,them well,went back to work! Not long,ago,publication,not remembered,read,an article,featuring,one of above,men,he,believed,when you took care of the customer,first,then,equally,all,of your employees,too,everything,else will,work out,based on the facts,I have actually,seen,and witnessed,such financial results,are,absolutely,correct&true!****#37P+9:13p.m.^^^Ro=^^^*?/*06/10/2014***} 

Chinese proverb : Knowledge is priceless.

Mailbox, Spinning

Ten Great Lines began its' Mail-Order debut in Cleveland,Ohio! Did you know Ten Great Lines has been in business since 1984?

This is where you can learn about our company and its history! We had been interested in starting our own Internet business for many years!! We finally  reached that goal,in 2003!!!
 Thank-you!!! Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting to us!!! Recently,Dec.2010,we were honored,to be 1 of 21 websites,out of over 800,researched and or reviewed,as containing information of value!

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Are you a woman? Ever dream of starting your own company? Would you like some expert advice? Seeking a single source of information from professional peoples who always understand the true value,of keeping ones' finger on the pulse of the world of business? You will always benefit with a profitable return of knowledge! Why are they so special to me? To be such a Newspaper giant they have not forgotten or over-looked the importance of the small business person,why? Could it be unforgettable and still remembered they were once a small business company,just like me? $$$Roy Fennell+7___7:54p.m.___=07/04/2014+$$$

Star in the spotlight

Question,why do I not charge, even $1.00,for any information,contained,anywhere,within,my website,of which,in principle,"hovers",like a "harrier jump jet",without sound,within "Internet space"? If I  charged,even,"1 penny",it would have actually,financially,been about me,first,not you! I believe,in "true", equal opportunity,equally,across-the-board,! Together!!! ***10:01p.m. 06/10/2014____Roy Fennell


The creation of the company Ten Great Lines,were 10,pick-up lines,and when to use them,was born,from my "hot desires",and loved as women,flight attendants,of the"friendly skies",gave "life",to starting my own mail-order business! To prevent Ten Great Lines,from fading like"daytime to nightime",due to Internet technology,it became a survival decision of choice ,live or die! I chose life,Tengreatlines.com!***11:00p.m.Roy Fennell*******06/10/2014***********


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As a man and small business owner! I used my fear of financial failure! As a mail-order small business person! Like a spear of a respected Zulu warrior! Who would not run and hide even if outnumbered in battle! Hoping&praying for protection from their shadows! While hiding behind trees within the jungle! My shield defends&protects my beliefs&values! As a man who treats his Special human beings virtual employees! When we,Together as One! Unseen face our business competition&competitors! In principle going for the financial gold of individual financial success! Like the World Olympics Games! Absolutely,not to attack or take away but offer equal opportunity! Globally,to respected citizens&governments of our world! Opportunity to benefit their own individual respected economies,lives and bank accounts,at once! Roy Fennell-04/14/2016-11:10a.m.

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What goes around comes around sooner or later! I have always felt&thought the world of each mail-order customer of Ten Great Lines! They were my inspiration to not give up during trials and tribulations within my personal life. Respectfully,by power of the Internet&their computer keyboards! Indirectly, brought or given them the world without being required to walk out their doors! Still loyal&true to my beliefs of multiple save money/make money opportunties! No upfront fee&see everything free! Our course has been set,locked&loaded for an Internet flight towards financial independence freedom! All peoples of our world are welcome&invited to join us,without strings! By the way depending on the time of day or night! Be cautious and careful if you come upon any woods or cabin,why? There is a pack of Twilight Werewolves lurking within the web pages of Ten Great Lines! Do I mean it? Absolutely&Truly,I do! Thanks,again,for flying Ten Great Lines Airlines! Roy Fennell-06/06/2015-8:20a.m. When you have time take a look at M&P page! More partners from the respected Country of Australia will be touching down at Tengreatlines.com,in the near future! Do I love them,too? Absolutely&Truly,I do!


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Sooner or later,what goes around comes around! Eco-friendly International search engines! The silent whisper net jet engines which power the fleet of Ten Great Lines Airlines produce zero noise or air pollution to any respected community worldwide! Queen&King first class,super fast Internet service provides royalty treatment! When customers are not required to leave or exit their respected Castles,worldwide! Always a winning hand for customers of  TheTen Great Lines global family! They play not to lose but win at everything of their ventures! These have always been the House rules,of Ten Great Lines,for every single customer! Roy Fennell-06/06/2015-8:01a.m. If a respected customer cannot see or feel the love from a business,why should they love to share their hard earned money with them? Do I mean it it? Absolutely&Truly,I do! In the world of reality,the customer makes the business,the business does not make the customer!

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Ten Great Lines***1667 Margaret Way *** Ceres,Ca.***95307-1507***U.S.A.                                                                                                                          

To send a message,click-here,please!!!

Ten Great Lines!  An out-of-this-world Ten Great Lines Airlines! Worlds of Online Adventure Travels experience without walking out your door! Online shopping&adult dating excitations! Live online gaming&adult pleasure entertainment,worldwide! From the safety,privacy and security of your own Castle! Discover a free  $1,000,000.00 legal financial game plan! No upfront fee and see everything free! Thank-you,for booking&flying your free round trip  flight with Ten Great Lines Airlines! Please,do not text and drive! 10greatlines.com
Roy Fennell-12:15p.m.-10/02/2015-Welcome Aboard!(*_*)


By Internet! Financially engaged&online married!
Portrait of bride and groom
Our red book way! Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

Chinese proverb:Be magnanimous,be trustful,be hopeful and be patient.

Chinese proverb:Believe in yourself and others will too.

On fire with desire of perfect girlfriend fever? Hungry like a female wolf in heat? Seeking sugar daddy&sugar baby face-to-face meetings of excitations? Page 2 Ten Great Lines online Adult dating and Romance Worldwide Network! Love to free profile yourself? For no limit expensive dinner date opportunities? Including a unique U.S.A. Nationwide adult dating website opportunity? 10greatlines.com Roy Fennell-01/17/2016-5:05p.m.

Ten Great Lines! A Ten Great Lines Adventure! A Ten Great Lines Airlines! Free round trip ticket! Taking-off,now,towards adventure,excitement,money and travel! Ten Great Lines online shopping&vendors network!  Pages 1-20 Ten Great Lines online shopping adventure travel! Page 21 Ten Great LInes online Adult gaming&Entertainment network! Are you a woman seeking a sexy job or adult entertainment work? Love sexy hi-heel shoes? Ten Great Lines sexy adult jobs and webcam models,worldwide! Part-time&full-time webcamming&phone sexing opportunities of employment! Opportunity of an online shopping&adult pleasure paradise! Benefits of A Luxury&Gangnam Lifestyle Future! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power! Ten Great Lines Webcam Models Network!  10greatlines.com {*_*}-Roy Fennell-01/17/2016-4:27p.m.

A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,Ten Great Lines!
Global e-mail communication
A Ten Great Lines Airlines! 10greatlines.com

Hungry like a female wolf in sexual heat? On fire with desire to live and experience? A do as you please safe sexual freedom life,daily? Love to become an online married? Get paid naked webcam/phone sex Internet team player wife? While wearing your favorite expensive hi-heels shoes? Without walking out your Castle door? Safely,love to wide-eyed see with your own eyes? Upfront,all the money and benefits free,first? Of what having your own online husband? 24/7 unseen behind you without lies,games or strings? Within our money for us relationship non physical online marriage? Can do for your life,future and bank account,too? Part-time/full-time to enjoy&live,daily? Without walking out your Castle door? Safely,free willing to pull them down? Quickly,get connected to become an online married team player naked wife,daily? Taking them off camming/phone sexing heavenly assets for us,asap? Truly,if your answer is yes! Come quicky,to our Internet home! 10greatlines.com Roy Fennell-05/02/2016-11:51a.m.

Location address home www.10greatlines.com Is a bed soaked sheets! Wet dreams with hot! Steam coming true for material girls. With dollar sign eyes. Who have been waiting for their own! King Kong OMG size. Kind of meet man to come. Deep and stay in their lives. Unexpectedly! Even for material girls. Queen's served with love and respect ,first! Possible! Not impossible their dreams can come true. New beginnings and lives with unseen. Last names at work ,club ,grocery or retail stores. Roy Fennell-03/30/2020-1:48p.m. Safely! Secretly! Quickly! By Internet financially engaged! Online married diva women. Daddy's virgin cherry! Popped on their backs. Stomachs and knees! Naked twice gurls sex machine queens sexual genies! Round our world based on facts! With millions of websites online. Type into google search. Roy Fennell's online married sex. Machines queens sexual genies.